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Dietz Victor Oil Lamp / Electric Lantern - GirlPickers

Dietz Victor Oil Lamp / Electric Lantern


Dietz lantern that has been converted to electricity. These were salvaged from a restaurant that had these hanging over each table as lighting. The oil burning components have been removed and replaced with electrical components. They were hardwired so there is no plug but that could easily be added. I have tested this light and it works.

The soot on the glass globe is authentic and was left there to create the illusion of an oil burning lantern. It could easily be cleaned to your liking. This lamp can also sit on a table top. The wires come out of the frame on one side and go up the chain atop the hanging handle. There is about 18" of chain and over 10 ft of wire.

The lantern is marked Dietz Victor and the glass globe is marked Paull's Leader.

The lantern itself measures 13 1/4" tall without the bail hanger.


2 1/2 b4

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